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Small Actions · Leading Your Career to Big Success

Small Actions · Leading Your Career to Big Success

World Scientific Publishing
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作者:  Eric Sim
出版社:World Scientific Publishing


The "small actions" you take today can put you on the path to big career success tomorrow. If these actions are innovative, intelligent and well-timed, they can make a lasting impact and help you navigate your career journey in the face of uncertainty and disruptions.

A key opinion leader on LinkedIn, Eric Sim shares practical and actionable tips to help you achieve your career goals. He draws these from his diverse real-life experience — from selling street food and training to be an engineer, to becoming a managing director at UBS Investment Bank.

Arranged thematically into 66 bite-sized chapters, this book brings together a series of relatable stories and case studies. You'll learn valuable career lessons, such as why it's important to be a "combo specialist", and how you can influence people and build your personal brand. Whether you're just starting out in the workforce or are looking to get further ahead, let this book inspire you to take powerful small actions of your own.